If I could go back in time?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “If I could go back in time and engage with myself at 18, what would I tell myself?”

“Don’t buy that car it’s a lemon”

“Don’t date that person they will break your heart and it will take you a long time to get over it”

“What about make sure you save your money and as soon as APPLE goes on the stock market buy as many shares as you can”

This and a bunch of other things might be on our list to tell ourselves. Here is the interesting thing about it all. For most people it’s not too late to tell our current self many of the lessons we have learned the easy and hard way.

If you are currently in say your mid 20s the reality is you will live the equivalent of your entire life up until this point 3 times over before you die. If you are in your mid thirties you will probably live your entire life to this point two times over and if you are in your mid 40s you will live your entire life up to this point over again.

Except this time you will do it with the experiences, knowledge and wisdom that you have accumulated up to this point.

This is an amazing perspective that most people don’t tap into because all they can think about is the years they have wasted up until know.

Time to start designing and getting really motivated about the next version of your life that you have to live in front of you. Time to get all that perspective that you have early and capitalise on it today.

If you don’t you might just end up wasting the equivalent of your entire life up to this point sulking about the things you didn’t do, rather than breaking into what you can do know that you know better!


Man Talk

Man Talk

David Balestri

Things that all men should know

1. Men are not woman

⁃ There are roles and responsibilities that come with being a man. Don’t get confused about them and don’t abdicate them

2. A man needs a man to tell him that he is a man

⁃ There are just some things that only a man can tell another man. At some point all men will need another man (ideally their natural father) to look them in the eye and call them into their manhood

3. Honesty is bravery

⁃ Honesty and vulnerability are emotions of strength and not weakness. The only person you are lying to and hurting is your better self

4. Perfection is pride

⁃ Everybody knows you aren’t that good no matter how well you dress up. Perfection is a false mask that cheapens who you really are. Commit to becoming a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday

5. Someone is following you

⁃ No matter who you are or where you are by the very virtue that you are a man you are influencing someone. Even just your presence in a room does something to the other men, particularly younger men in your vicinity. Make sure you are modelling something of value

6. You can’t outrun your crap

⁃ Most guys that think they can outrun their crap buy a convertible, a Hawaiian shirt and divorce their wives for a girl that is too young for them. You don’t outrun your crap, you need to work through it with a peer, a mate, a professional or a pastor.

7. Find your adventure

⁃ Don’t give up on the warrior and adventurer inside of you. Find an adventure worth giving your life for and engage with it passionately

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The Cemetery of Squandered Potential

The richest real estate in the earth today can be found in a town called Najaf in Iraq. The reason Najaf can boast to having the richest real estate in the earth is because it is where the largest cemetery in the earth can be foundIt takes up approximately 1445.5 acres of land, and there are tens of millions of people buried there.[1] What makes this ground so rich is the sheer volume of wasted or unfulfilled potential that is buried in itCan you image how many unlived dreams are buried here; how many potential inventions or businesses that could have been brought forth on the earth? What about how many master musicians or poets or story writers that, for some reason or another, did not live out the fullness of their potentials and took those gifts with them to the grave? The truth is that it really does not matter how naturally gifted you might beUnless you engage the gift within you with faith, courage, wisdom and discipline, you will be just another “could have been”. What a tragic way to end your life, filled with regret about your squandered potential. 

People who are truly rich do not necessarily have the largest bank accounts. True riches are different for each person, because ultimately true riches are intrinsically linked to you living out the fullness of your potential. I believe that somewhere deep inside all of us, we know that we were born for great things. We tend to be in touch with this truth a little more when we are young, like the young boy who puts his underpants over his shorts and thinks he can jump off the backyard shed and fly, or the young girl who dresses up in her mums long dresses because she just knows that she is a princess. Somewhere in the midst of our journey we seem to lose that sense of greatness about our lives, or we bury it in the deep recesses of our minds and hearts and forget where we placed it! Some people call this growing up. I believe we all certainly need to grow up and become functioning adults; I just simply disagree that we need to lose our sense of greatness or the belief in the hugeness of our potential as we do. The path to a fully realised life is an intentional one. Success and fulfillment are not found in a lottery ticket. Happiness is not a gift; it is a reward. To come to a place of fulfilling your ultimate potential is going to take intention, drive, discipline, sacrifice and a bucket of courage. I believe you were born for this! 

From the book “Land of the Giants”

[1] Wadi-us-Salaam (n.d). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wadi-us-Salaam, accessed 25 April 2020.

Life Happens

Sometimes it really does not matter how well you planned out your dreams, business ideas, relationships or financial budgets, adverse circumstances will be a part of your existence, they will get in the way unexpectedly, so my advice would be to develop a positive attitude about them.

No amount of wishing away or precise planning is going to make you untouched by the challenges and trials of life. There is always a dimension of fate, chance or luck to every situation, which is “Just the way life works.

I find that we grow the most as a person in the midst of trying circumstances, when everything is going well it usually means that we don’t have to stretch past any comfort zones of personal development, but when the heat of adversity comes, its then that we need to dig deep and muster up all the courage, discipline and patience that we have, to overcome or outlast the situation.

Most people know that they will face challenges and yet they seem totally shocked when they are confronted by them. Dream big by all means, but don’t forget to brace yourself for the challenges that you will face when you begin to try and walk them out.

My encouragement to you as someone who has a measure of experience of living in the crucible of challenges, is to hold fast and allow the situation to take the “fat off your soul”.

Turn the situation into an opportunity to become a better human being. You will be amazed at how much more understanding, compassionate, considerate, open, patient, and a focused person you will become on the other side of your challenging situation.

Diamonds are made under extreme pressure, the great things that need to become manifested in your life will be made the same way!

It really is your choice on what position you are going to personally take when challenges come your way, you can choose to be a victim of them or a victor over them!

David Balestri


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Launching Rockets

Anthony Robbins, when talking about what was required in order to bring change into your life said:

“When you make a decision, you need to back it up with ‘massive action’ otherwise you will never break through into your new behaviour.”

Did you know that the massive space shuttles that NASA launches into space carry millions of litres of fuel on board?

Did you also know that the majority of the fuel stored in those tanks is primarily for the initial stages of the trip?

This involves launching the shuttle and breaking free of the earth’s gravitational pull. Once this is done the larger fuel tanks are dumped and the with the smaller portion of the fuel that is left in the shuttle it manages to fly into orbit, circle the earth, re-enter the earth’s atmosphere and land at the designated airfield.

Life is like that!

Anything that you want to change in your life is going to take massive energy, sacrifice and resolution of mind in the initial stages. However, once you have broken through, you will not have to keep using as much energy to keep moving forward.

I feel most people quit way too early when they are trying to bring change into their lives. They incorrectly think that the massive energy that it took to bring change in the initial stages of trying to enlarge their lives is something that they are going to have to keep up for the rest of their lives, which is just not the case at all.

One of my mentors used to say, “The key to success in any endeavour in life is consistent focus in the one direction.” Once you have decided what you want to change, strengthen or break through in, take ‘massive action’ and remain consistently focused.

The power of the crowd and inaction will no longer hold you back. (From my Ebook “The Land of the Giants”)

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Don’t Wait For the Clouds

Don’t Wait For The clouds

There is a saying in the bible that says something like this:

 “Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap”. *(2) 

If you are waiting for conditions to be perfect before you make your move, you may end up waiting all your life. Sometimes just when you think all your ducks are about to come into a row, there is a tendency for one of them to move out of line. 

The truth is that you don’t need for everything to be just right, what you really need is to remember that you are more powerful and talented than you and most other people give you the credit for being.

 Sometimes you will have to bank on the fact that what you lack in perfect conditions you will make up in faith and boldness. 

Do all the homework necessary, get things in place, give due diligence in preparation and research in whatever endeavor you are about to launch into, but for goodness sake execute, execute, execute!

*(2) Ecclesiastes 11:4 NASB

This is an excerpt from the new book “Land of the Giants” By David Balestri you can order your copy through http://www.amazon.com

Ordinary Is For Wimps

Ordinary is for Wimps

It usually takes real courage to stick your head out from amongst the crowd, the first thing that normally happens is that you will experience the taunts and jeers from those within the crowd of your life that notice you are no longer content in being one of them.

Have you ever wondered why this is?

Well It’s primarily because your movement towards your bigger life usually is a movement away from the crowd. This upsets most people because in general crowd dwellers are people who are happy to live within the seeming safety of their comfort zones. Your decision to move away and leave the pack will usually create a feeling of unsettledness amongst the group

I have see this will have ramifications in peoples family, work mates and close friends structures. To be fair here some of the reactions from these people will be fuelled by genuine concern for you, others will become jealous or intimidated out of their own insecurities and small mindedness. 

If you need the approval of the crowd or for everyone to like you then you will really struggle to take leadership of yourself and your future. Who said that breaking the power of the crowd doesn’t have a risk factor attached to it. If living an extraordinary life was easy or convenient then everyone would do it. Ordinary is for wimps, it is going to take great courage to rise, make no mistakes about it. 

James Allen has this to say about courage,

“Whether you are a man or woman you will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor”.

This is a snippet from the book “Land of the Giants” By David Balestri (Available at www, amazon.com)

Mind Maps


Mind Maps

As human beings we all live with a certain set of thoughts about ourselves and our ultimate potential which we usually call our mindset. A mindset is a system of beliefs that we have embraced over time and allowed to form into deep patterns of our thinking — it causes us to behave and perceive ourselves, things and events in a certain way. Much of this thinking is so deep inside of us that we don’t always consciously recognize it. You could say that they are the mind maps out of which we live our life’s out of. 

Imagine for a moment that you have just booked a holiday with your partner to Paris; before you jump on the plane and arrive in France you ask your partner to go and buy a paper map of Paris so that you can use that map to guide you to all the places that you want to visit while you are over there. The problem is that the shop assistant that serves your partner mishears and thinks that you are going to Prague instead of Paris. Your partner doesn’t pick up on it and you both don’t realise the mistake has taken place. Upon arriving in Paris, you get your paper map out and try and find your way around based on the directions on the map. That is what life is like for so many people who have been sold the wrong mind map about themselves by other people, circumstances or their own attitudes. There is confusion, stress and no clear direction. 

We need to make sure that we are holding the right mind map for our lives or we will spend a lot of time and energy walking around and not really getting where we want to go. You and I only get one chance at life; this is not a test run. We must learn to train our minds to think in larger, more dynamic ways, so that we don’t lock ourselves out of becoming all we potentially could be. We need to enter a way of thinking that is not based on presumptions built on faulty or insufficient information. Many people today live on false presumptions about themselves with regards to their ultimate potential and what the world has to offer them, this causes them to miss opportunities for friendships, business deals, wealth, promotions, freedom, rich experiences, and adventure. 

Holding the wrong maps for our lives will relegate us to live with small or distorted thinking about ourselves; this will cause us to remain lost in our quest towards breaking into our new and potentially bigger tomorrow, holding us in slavery to our present perceived limitations. 

(A snippet from the book “Land of the Giants” By David Balestri)