The Cemetery of Squandered Potential

The richest real estate in the earth today can be found in a town called Najaf in Iraq. The reason Najaf can boast to having the richest real estate in the earth is because it is where the largest cemetery in the earth can be found. It takes up approximately 1445.5 acres of land, and there areContinue reading “The Cemetery of Squandered Potential”

Life Happens

Sometimes it really does not matter how well you planned out your dreams, business ideas, relationships or financial budgets, adverse circumstances will be a part of your existence, they will get in the way unexpectedly, so my advice would be to develop a positive attitude about them. No amount of wishing away or precise planningContinue reading “Life Happens”

Launching Rockets Anthony Robbins, when talking about what was required in order to bring change into your life said: “When you make a decision, you need to back it up with ‘massive action’ otherwise you will never break through into your new behaviour.” Did you know that the massive space shuttles that NASA launches intoContinue reading

Don’t Wait For the Clouds

Don’t Wait For The clouds There is a saying in the bible that says something like this:  “Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap”. *(2)  If you are waiting for conditions to be perfect before you make your move, you may end up waiting all your life.Continue reading “Don’t Wait For the Clouds”

Mind Maps

Mind Maps As human beings we all live with a certain set of thoughts about ourselves and our ultimate potential which we usually call our mindset. A mindset is a system of beliefs that we have embraced over time and allowed to form into deep patterns of our thinking — it causes us to behaveContinue reading “Mind Maps”