If I could go back in time?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “If I could go back in time and engage with myself at 18, what would I tell myself?”

“Don’t buy that car it’s a lemon”

“Don’t date that person they will break your heart and it will take you a long time to get over it”

“What about make sure you save your money and as soon as APPLE goes on the stock market buy as many shares as you can”

This and a bunch of other things might be on our list to tell ourselves. Here is the interesting thing about it all. For most people it’s not too late to tell our current self many of the lessons we have learned the easy and hard way.

If you are currently in say your mid 20s the reality is you will live the equivalent of your entire life up until this point 3 times over before you die. If you are in your mid thirties you will probably live your entire life to this point two times over and if you are in your mid 40s you will live your entire life up to this point over again.

Except this time you will do it with the experiences, knowledge and wisdom that you have accumulated up to this point.

This is an amazing perspective that most people don’t tap into because all they can think about is the years they have wasted up until know.

Time to start designing and getting really motivated about the next version of your life that you have to live in front of you. Time to get all that perspective that you have early and capitalise on it today.

If you don’t you might just end up wasting the equivalent of your entire life up to this point sulking about the things you didn’t do, rather than breaking into what you can do know that you know better!


Published by Giant Maker

Executive Life Coach Corporate Trainer Futurist Business Mentor Ethical Leader

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