Man Talk

Man Talk

David Balestri

Things that all men should know

1. Men are not woman

⁃ There are roles and responsibilities that come with being a man. Don’t get confused about them and don’t abdicate them

2. A man needs a man to tell him that he is a man

⁃ There are just some things that only a man can tell another man. At some point all men will need another man (ideally their natural father) to look them in the eye and call them into their manhood

3. Honesty is bravery

⁃ Honesty and vulnerability are emotions of strength and not weakness. The only person you are lying to and hurting is your better self

4. Perfection is pride

⁃ Everybody knows you aren’t that good no matter how well you dress up. Perfection is a false mask that cheapens who you really are. Commit to becoming a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday

5. Someone is following you

⁃ No matter who you are or where you are by the very virtue that you are a man you are influencing someone. Even just your presence in a room does something to the other men, particularly younger men in your vicinity. Make sure you are modelling something of value

6. You can’t outrun your crap

⁃ Most guys that think they can outrun their crap buy a convertible, a Hawaiian shirt and divorce their wives for a girl that is too young for them. You don’t outrun your crap, you need to work through it with a peer, a mate, a professional or a pastor.

7. Find your adventure

⁃ Don’t give up on the warrior and adventurer inside of you. Find an adventure worth giving your life for and engage with it passionately

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