The Cemetery of Squandered Potential

The richest real estate in the earth today can be found in a town called Najaf in Iraq. The reason Najaf can boast to having the richest real estate in the earth is because it is where the largest cemetery in the earth can be foundIt takes up approximately 1445.5 acres of land, and there are tens of millions of people buried there.[1] What makes this ground so rich is the sheer volume of wasted or unfulfilled potential that is buried in itCan you image how many unlived dreams are buried here; how many potential inventions or businesses that could have been brought forth on the earth? What about how many master musicians or poets or story writers that, for some reason or another, did not live out the fullness of their potentials and took those gifts with them to the grave? The truth is that it really does not matter how naturally gifted you might beUnless you engage the gift within you with faith, courage, wisdom and discipline, you will be just another “could have been”. What a tragic way to end your life, filled with regret about your squandered potential. 

People who are truly rich do not necessarily have the largest bank accounts. True riches are different for each person, because ultimately true riches are intrinsically linked to you living out the fullness of your potential. I believe that somewhere deep inside all of us, we know that we were born for great things. We tend to be in touch with this truth a little more when we are young, like the young boy who puts his underpants over his shorts and thinks he can jump off the backyard shed and fly, or the young girl who dresses up in her mums long dresses because she just knows that she is a princess. Somewhere in the midst of our journey we seem to lose that sense of greatness about our lives, or we bury it in the deep recesses of our minds and hearts and forget where we placed it! Some people call this growing up. I believe we all certainly need to grow up and become functioning adults; I just simply disagree that we need to lose our sense of greatness or the belief in the hugeness of our potential as we do. The path to a fully realised life is an intentional one. Success and fulfillment are not found in a lottery ticket. Happiness is not a gift; it is a reward. To come to a place of fulfilling your ultimate potential is going to take intention, drive, discipline, sacrifice and a bucket of courage. I believe you were born for this! 

From the book “Land of the Giants”

[1] Wadi-us-Salaam (n.d)., accessed 25 April 2020.

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