Launching Rockets

Anthony Robbins, when talking about what was required in order to bring change into your life said:

“When you make a decision, you need to back it up with ‘massive action’ otherwise you will never break through into your new behaviour.”

Did you know that the massive space shuttles that NASA launches into space carry millions of litres of fuel on board?

Did you also know that the majority of the fuel stored in those tanks is primarily for the initial stages of the trip?

This involves launching the shuttle and breaking free of the earth’s gravitational pull. Once this is done the larger fuel tanks are dumped and the with the smaller portion of the fuel that is left in the shuttle it manages to fly into orbit, circle the earth, re-enter the earth’s atmosphere and land at the designated airfield.

Life is like that!

Anything that you want to change in your life is going to take massive energy, sacrifice and resolution of mind in the initial stages. However, once you have broken through, you will not have to keep using as much energy to keep moving forward.

I feel most people quit way too early when they are trying to bring change into their lives. They incorrectly think that the massive energy that it took to bring change in the initial stages of trying to enlarge their lives is something that they are going to have to keep up for the rest of their lives, which is just not the case at all.

One of my mentors used to say, “The key to success in any endeavour in life is consistent focus in the one direction.” Once you have decided what you want to change, strengthen or break through in, take ‘massive action’ and remain consistently focused.

The power of the crowd and inaction will no longer hold you back. (From my Ebook “The Land of the Giants”)

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