Mind Maps


Mind Maps

As human beings we all live with a certain set of thoughts about ourselves and our ultimate potential which we usually call our mindset. A mindset is a system of beliefs that we have embraced over time and allowed to form into deep patterns of our thinking — it causes us to behave and perceive ourselves, things and events in a certain way. Much of this thinking is so deep inside of us that we don’t always consciously recognize it. You could say that they are the mind maps out of which we live our life’s out of. 

Imagine for a moment that you have just booked a holiday with your partner to Paris; before you jump on the plane and arrive in France you ask your partner to go and buy a paper map of Paris so that you can use that map to guide you to all the places that you want to visit while you are over there. The problem is that the shop assistant that serves your partner mishears and thinks that you are going to Prague instead of Paris. Your partner doesn’t pick up on it and you both don’t realise the mistake has taken place. Upon arriving in Paris, you get your paper map out and try and find your way around based on the directions on the map. That is what life is like for so many people who have been sold the wrong mind map about themselves by other people, circumstances or their own attitudes. There is confusion, stress and no clear direction. 

We need to make sure that we are holding the right mind map for our lives or we will spend a lot of time and energy walking around and not really getting where we want to go. You and I only get one chance at life; this is not a test run. We must learn to train our minds to think in larger, more dynamic ways, so that we don’t lock ourselves out of becoming all we potentially could be. We need to enter a way of thinking that is not based on presumptions built on faulty or insufficient information. Many people today live on false presumptions about themselves with regards to their ultimate potential and what the world has to offer them, this causes them to miss opportunities for friendships, business deals, wealth, promotions, freedom, rich experiences, and adventure. 

Holding the wrong maps for our lives will relegate us to live with small or distorted thinking about ourselves; this will cause us to remain lost in our quest towards breaking into our new and potentially bigger tomorrow, holding us in slavery to our present perceived limitations. 

(A snippet from the book “Land of the Giants” By David Balestri)



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